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  1. Can You Make Money Writing Online? Yes, If You Can Write Short | ArcticLlama Freelancing Blog

    […] I posted a 300 word (on the nose, thank you) article about how to write a 300 word article via a loosely fashioned template.  That wasn’t so much an exercise in providing advice on […]

  2. Ways To Make More Money Writing Online Shorter Articles | Make Money Writing Online

    […] words and 500 words are the best length for getting high search engine rankings.  So, learn to write good articles in just 300 words.  It’s faster than writing 700 […]

  3. Useful Content Short and Sweet
    Useful Content Short and Sweet June 3, 2013 at 8:58 am |

    […] search engine experts claim that a minimum of 300 words is necessary for Google, or Bing to index and show a webpage in the search results. For a pro […]

  4. Work From Home With Kids | ArcticLlama Freelance Writing

    […] Since that time may be short lived, I try and do smaller, but important tasks then. Return emails, write short articles, build links, and so […]

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