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Why Arctic Llama? It's tough to say, exactly. We liked the sound of it, it is unique, and the domain name was available.

Our role is to support others in carrying out their work through the timely distribution of trusted and readable documents. The purpose of such communication is easy to distill-- to inform, demonstrate, persuade, entertain or all of the above. But the act of connecting to the audience, whether it is through an article, report, technical manual, analysis, brochure, edited manuscript or speech, is an art, that is the art of the Llama.

Brian Nelson

Brian began his professional career in the computer industry as a project manager and consultant. As a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and Certified Netware Administrator (CNA), Brian quickly became the technical expert, trainer and sales liaison that could document and explain the what, and the how, in a manner that was understandable to clients regardless of their technical background.

While working as a Senior IT Manager at a mutual fund company, Brian became interested in the world of finance. Seeking a new challenge, he obtained his Certified Financial Planner designation and worked as a financial planner specializing in investment analysis and portfolios. as well as training and promotional materials.

Today, Brian leverages his experience in computers and technology as a premier freelance technology writer. He also uses the experience and skills he gained as a financial advisor to write comprehensive and accessible articles and papers on a variety of financial topics including personal finance, real estate, investing, and money management as a freelance financial writer.

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ArcticLlama Freelance Writing is located in Denver, Colorado.

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