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Microsoft Office My Places Bar Slows Down Saving Files

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I’m a writer.  I write all day long, a lot of it in Microsoft Word.  So, when my computer started insisting on popping up this dialog box that says, “Initializing Places Bar” every time I tried to save a Word document, I was not happy.

That Initializing Places box takes a few seconds to go away some times and when you are used to the Save As box popping up right away, that can be really annoying, especially if you save documents 100+ times every single day!

Thankfully, I finally figured out what the My Places bar is.  Turns out its been in MS Office since Office 2000 came out.  I’ve just never paid any attention to it because all it is, is that bar on the side of the Save As box that lets you pick “My Documents” or “My Computer” or whatever.

The reason the initializing Places Bar has never come up before is because by default the only things on that bar are things on your local hard drive, so its fast.

But, apparently, Microsoft, in its infinite wisdom (Hah!) decided to add a link to Office Live Workspace on that bar which means that the Save As box is delayed while the computer goes out and checks to see if it can find the Live Workspace or while it waits to time out.

Either way, not cool!

I wrote up a full post about it, and how to make My Places bar stop and go away permanently.

My Places Bar, Live Workspace, Slow Save As, Initializing My Places bar

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  1. Robert Mulder
    Robert Mulder December 9, 2009 at 4:43 pm |

    I cant get it to stop initializing the places bar in excel. it juist keeps running and running. And i have about 5 hours invested in this workbook. I hate Microsoft products.


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