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Professional Freelance Writing Samples

Here are some samples of my professional freelance writing portfolio.

I tailor each and every project to the specific needs of the client. Some work is formal, and some is informal. If one of the writing samples here sounds too light or too serious for what you have in mind, remember that your completed project will take on the tone you require.

Freelance Financial Writer

See Freelance Financial Writer for the specialized financial writing service

Technical and Computer Writing

Brian's several years of experience as a high-level computer systems consultant provides the ideal background for a freelance technology writer.

Here are some of selected samples that I wrote for Tom's IT Pro, a website for high-level, enterprise computing professionals.

Brian wrote technical but friendly blog posts for Train Signal Training before the company was acquired by Pluralsight. The Pluralsight blog continued to host many of these.. The articles are for computer professionals, but remain accessible to the novice willing to put in some time on the terminology.

Brian's Author Page

Direct Links to Selected Samples on PluralSight's blog:

Finance Gourmet Web Site

The Finance Gourmet web site and its associated blog provide real world financial advice. Taking complex topics and distilling them down to what you need to know in order to make smart decisions for yourself instead of following someone else's instructions is what Finance Gourmet does best. This site is written exclusively by Brian Nelson.

parenting Tips

Telling it like it is for Dads (and Moms) who are in their early years of parenthood. Undefeated Daddy teaches parenting skills from a Dad.

website content generation and online writing

Brian is a featured author at numerous Bright Hub channels, showing his ability to write on diverse topics including, Small Business / Home Office, Windows Technology, Desktop Publishing and Digital Photography to name a few.

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Freelance Writing Blog

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