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If you just need some words to fill a page so that search engines won't disregard your site as some tiny under filled corner of cyberspace, we probably are not your best option. If you need real solid content that promotes and enhances your message, then you've come to the right place.

At ArcticLlama, we develop high quality web content for a wide variety of topics. Our real world expertise in complex subjects allows us to cross over in to most topic areas with ease. Whether we do the research or you provide us with the topics and conclusions you need us to write about, we will provide you with motivating, accurate articles to place on your website to keep your readers coming back for more.

Worried about Search Engines? The goal of every search engine is to provide results that return the optimal combination of the best quality and the most information. Sometimes they succeed better than others, but the constant refinement of their algorithms is an effort to continuously move toward that goal. At ArcticLlama, we belive the best way to the top of the search engine rankings is having great content, and lots of it. But, we aren't naive. We know that others would prefer to game the system. (Check out our Search Engine Optimization or SEO section for details on how we can help create or modify your current content to make it stand out more to the search engines). Let us know what your site is all about, and where you want to fit in cyberspace, and not only will we provide you great content, we'll make sure it has all the key words and phrases you need to stand out.

Website Design and Implementation

It can be daunting to put together a new website for your business, or to update one you already have. After all, your website is a reflection on your business. If it looks amatuerish, or worse, doesn't work, that makes you look bad to your potential clients. Then again, you don't want to spend a lot of money just to have a flashy website. That is where we come in.

There are litterally thousands of webdesign templates out there. In reality, most of them are pretty similar. Take away the pictures, the fancy things that happen when you move your mouse over a link, and what you are left with is one of a few basic ideas. What you are looking at right now here at ArcticLlama can be described as a 2 Column Fixed Layout with a header and a footer. Sound complicated?

All it means is that the website is the same size no matter how big your monitor is. There are two columns (if you only see one, you aren't counting the "main" column where this text is) and there is a header (the graphic and menu at the top) and a footer (the copyright notice with a couple of links.) Everything else is just flash. The llama on the mountains is a graphic (made from a picture of real mountains streched out and turned blue and a basic llama graphic). The blue bar, the fade away page, and the rest is just a little bit of code inserted into the webpage.

Here at ArcticLlama, we can design and build your website for you in one place. You won't need to find a web designer, and then a web programmer, and then someone to write the pages. We can do it all. Best of all, you know that your pages will be built primarily to display the quality content you want and need and not to use the latest whiz-bang programming techniques.

Whether you like our layout or would prefer 3 columns or no columns or no header, or more color, or less color, we'll work with you to provide excactly what you need. We'll even upload your pages and host your site if you want.

Feel better? Now you don't have any worries about getting that website updated or created. We look forward to hearing from you.

(If you need a big shopping website, or something that access big Oracle databases, you've overshot what we do. However, we'd be happy to recommend someone to you. We can still develop the content for your pages, but you'll need someone else to handle the heavy programming.)

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