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  1. VPN Wi-Fi Network Security Encrypted Hotspot Public — Best Hubris

    [...] Hopefully, I can help fill this gap by reviewing VPN connection providers from the viewpoint of a small business owner networking on the go.Grab the Best Hubris RSS feed so you don’t miss any of the upcoming VPN [...]

  2. Freelancers Taxes Section 179 Deduction End of Year - Being A Freelancer | Freelance Writing - ArcticLlama

    [...] Small business taxes for writers are never fun, but using every one of the 2010 tax tricks in the book can make them less painful. [...]

  3. Freelance Writer Taxes Self Employment Tax - ArcticLlama.com

    [...] January, as I collect 1099s from my clients I think about taxes and how small business taxes effect freelance writers. (I even had this clip art waiting from an article I had written [...]

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