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Freelance Technical Writer

Microsoft Certified Sysetems Engineer (MCSE)

Brian is a former Microsoft Certified Systems Enginner, certified on every version of Windows NT and in several other Microsoft server technologies. He was a high-end computer systems consultant and contractor with several businesses ranging from Fortune 500 Companies to small local businesses in Denver, CO and beyond.

Technical Freelance Writing

Tehcnial freelance writing can be much different from technical writing. While a freelance technical writer can perform similar tasks to most technical writers, a freelance writer with technical expertise offers a much broader spectrum of services.

Whether your project includes the tradtional technical product manual, or if it revolves around more journalistic style writing about current technical trends, technology news, or technology industry companies and businesses, a freelance technical writer can provide it all.

Technology Websites

Brian writes for numerous technology focused websites. These sites range from technology or gadget blogs, to high-tech company websites. Whatever your audience, Brian can bring the in-depth expertise and research skills needed to create not only high-quality writing and content, but prose that is specifically targetted to your desired audience as well. It might mean taking complex technical subjects and making them easy to understand for non-technical people, or it can mean an in-depth examination of high-tech that ends up "speaking the language" of experienced technical professionals.


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